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creative projects


UNIQUE, INTEGRATED, sustainable,




 landscape architecture 

i am Submissive



 leading to the original appropriate solutions, assuming creative attitude using gained knowledge and experience.

about me

constant observer and set designer in the broad sense of the space concept.

landscape architect with placemaking mission, passionate about healing gardens.

Painter and illustrator from the need of the heart.

I GRADUATED FROM Landscape architecture at WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES WITH ONE SCHOLARSHIP YEAR IN uNIVESIDAD POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA. I have dedicated my final academic work to the Horticultural Therapy. I'm graduate of postgraduate City studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the faculty of Research Institiute of Public Spaces.


I've gained my professional experience in Valencia, on Minorca (Balearic Islands) and in new york. In the Hamptons I’ve been a part of Summerhill Landscapes team, where i HAD THE opportunity TO collaborate among other WITH PIET OUDOLF.




Hermetic interpretation helps me understand the spirit of the landscape and the power of the particular space. Redesigning a place it's like a therapy- it improves the quality of life and it has a positive influence on the natural environment. Evidence for this can be found in the theory of Biophilia and the theory of 'overload and arousual'. An urban space, a private garden, a flat, or even a balcony should be designed in a way that makes us feel safe, protected, comfortable. In my view, each space should be designed as a type of sociological shelter, where we are the observers who enjoy particular perspective of the views. I believe, the integration between spaces and landscapes is very important.