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Painter / Landscape Architect


Born in 1992 in Warsaw, Poland.


MS in Historical Gardens and Ecosystem Services, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

PgD in Urban Design, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

AA in Sostenible Fashion Design, Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de València

BS in Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Scholarships at Ohio State University and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


I prefer to talk about myself in the first person.

I prefer Rohmer movies. I prefer wild cats. 

I prefer the beaches along the Vistula.

I prefer Houellebecq to Homer. 

I prefer primitivism to abstraction.

I prefer myself liking people to myself loving mankind.

I prefer the sea to the ocean. 

I prefer having eye drops with me, just in case.

I prefer rainy nights to cloudy days.

I prefer not to claim that I already understand everything.

I prefer not to talk about silence.

I prefer conversation to preaching monologues. 

I prefer long walks to taking shortcuts.

I prefer to live in the here and now,

not chasing the podium of the future. 

I prefer intimate breathing in love

to beautiful words on the phone.

I prefer green eyes because they are uncommon.

I prefer earth to concrete.

I prefer preciousness to plastic.

I prefer wooden parquet floors and white walls.

I prefer chaos in space to blandness.

I prefer to have secrets. 

I prefer Tove Jansson's fairy tales to the front page news.

I prefer poets who fantasize to politicians who make promises.

I prefer many words that I haven’t mentioned here

to many words I’ve also left unsaid.

I prefer simple zeros to scattered pennies. 

I prefer not to judge.

I prefer not to ask if it is for sure.

I prefer the freedom of choice.

I prefer the absurdity of painting pictures

to the absurdity of not painting them.

2023, O.S.D. 1 (solo exhibition), Warsaw, Poland [upcoming]
2022, Nit d’art, Consell Insular de Menorca (group exhibition), Mahón, Spain


ToTuArt Gallery in Warsaw, Poland

The Flat Gallery on Menorca, Balearic Islands

Vilarcangel Artist Residency, Valencia, Spain

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