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about me

I prefer to talk about myself in the first person.


I prefer Rohmer movies. 

I prefer wild cats. 

I prefer the beaches along the Vistula.

I prefer Houellebecq to Homer. 

I prefer primitivism to abstraction.


I prefer myself liking people to myself loving mankind.

I prefer the sea to the ocean. 

I prefer having eye drops with me, just in case.

I prefer rainy nights to cloudy days.


I prefer not to claim that I already understand everything.


I prefer not to talk about silence.

I prefer conversation to preaching monologues. 


I prefer long walks to taking shortcuts.

I prefer to live in the here and now,

not chasing the podium of the future. 

I prefer once Mediterranean life,

once to be in the heart of Europe.


I prefer intimate breathing in love

to beautiful words on the phone.


I prefer green eyes because they are uncommon.


I prefer earth to concrete.

I prefer preciousness to plastic.

I prefer wooden parquet floors and white walls.

I prefer chaos in space to blandness.


I prefer to have secrets. 


I prefer Tove Jansson's fairy tales to the front page news.

I prefer poets who fantasize

to politicians who make promises.


I prefer many words that I haven’t mentioned here

to many words I’ve also left unsaid.


I prefer simple zeros to scattered pennies. 


I prefer not to judge.

I prefer not to ask if it is for sure.

I prefer the freedom of choice.


I prefer the absurdity of painting pictures 

to the absurdity of not painting them.


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